EMCOR Group, Inc. Subsidiaries To Provide Electrical Construction And Infrastructure For Renewable Energy Corporation's New Washington Polysilicon Manufacturing Facility

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT, July 15, 2008 - EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME), a Fortune 500® leader in mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure and facilities services for a diverse range of businesses, announced that its subsidiaries Dynalectric Company of Oregon and Contra Costa Electric in California have begun work on building the electrical infrastructure for Renewable Energy Corporation's (REC) solar grade polysilicon manufacturing facility in Moses Lake, Washington. A third EMCOR company, Shambaugh & Son, had previously installed the fire sprinkler and alarm systems for the company's Control Building.

Dynalectric and Contra Costa are providing the electrical systems and process instrumentation and controls for the project's fluid bed process. The work will consist of 136 miles of power wire, 100 miles of instrument wire, five miles of cable tray, four miles of instrument air and process piping, 5,000 instruments, and 1,500 lights along with the panels, transformers, and other equipment needed to carry the power load from the site's new substation.

"REC is one of the world's largest suppliers of solar grade polysilicon, and they are a world leader in the development of the technology needed to produce it. It is extremely gratifying to be involved in the creation of such a significant manufacturing facility, such as the Moses Lake project, which will be the standard for many years to come," said Michael Dias, President and Chief Executive Officer of Contra Costa Electric.

"Renewable solar panels are in greater and greater demand and the need for solar grade polysilicon is at an all-time high," said Randy Wagner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dynalectric Company of Oregon. "This is an extremely important facility for REC, and we are pleased to contribute to this project."

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