Industrial Services

View of electrical wiring specific to an industrial companyFor over 75 years, Contra Costa Electric has been providing electrical construction, maintenance, repair, instrument calibration, and high voltage utility services for industrial clients throughout California.

Whether constructing a large-scale distribution system or making precise adjustments to complex instruments, we have the capacity and technical expertise needed to meet the demands of power plants, refineries, manufacturing plants, and a wide range of other industrial facilities.

Overhead/Underground Electrical Systems Solutions

Our teams have experience working with the complex electrical systems that drive industrial applications. We provide systems designed with each of our client’s unique needs in mind, in an effort to optimize facility productivity while complying with the most stringent regulatory standards.

Our full suite of industrial electrical services includes:

  • Complete electrical distribution systems
  • Cable and cable tray installations, Conduit systems, wire and multi-conductor cables installation
  • Switchgear, relay racks, PLC cabinets
  • High-voltage services and Substations and High Voltage distribution systems
  • Instrument installation and calibration services
  • Motor control and variable speed drive (VSD) systems
  • Industrial & commercial lighting, controllers and automation systems
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Explosion-proof, grounding, and cathodic protection systems

Cutting-Edge Instrument Calibration Services

Proper instrument calibration is essential to productive power and energy operations, because even a minor miscalibration can lead to significant waste and revenue loss. Contra Costa has earned a reputation for our outstanding instrumentation and calibration services, as well as our knowledge of the most innovative process control technologies.

Whether working in power plant, refinery, bio-pharmaceutical, or manufacturing facilities, our certified technicians are prepared to deliver exceptional system responsiveness and superior efficiency and cost control.

Our instrumentation services include:

  • Site surveys and consulting
  • Function design specification
  • Hardware/Software supply and product selection
  • Installation
  • Start-up
  • System configuration and integration
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Calibration and system optimization
  • Maintenance